Don't be "That Guy"...

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Re: Don't be "That Guy"...

scorrpio wrote:

chiane wrote:

Photographers on this board have the social skills of hermits that live under bridges. If there's an older, more crusty bunch on the internet, I don't know where. Can you imagine if these forums all went to a party together? Yikes.

Hogwash. I am sure many people here have no social problems, have plenty of friends, easy-going, and are welcome and fun at parties and other gatherings.

The amount of cat pictures in these forums says otherwise.

However, all of us, even the party animals, have times when we want it nice and quiet, with nobody bothering us. Especially not some random stranger. Or you are saying you just LOVE it when you have just settled all by yourself in a cozy armchair with a favorite book and a nice mug of tea, and your phone rings and it's some lady who just GOTTA make you aware of this revolutionary new vacuum cleaner you definitely should buy! You will gladly abandon your quiet moment and give the lady your undivided attention for as long as she desires - cause you got social skills!

Sure. A guy spends a month going to work where he gets quite along with coworkers, going home where he devotes time to spouse and kids, going to a bar to hang out with friends, taking kids to a birthday party one weekend, going to a neighbors BBQ on another and hosting a party on yet another. Then he decides to set aside a single day all to himself and his hobby, takes a long drive, and when he gets annoyed at some random guy who won't quit pestering him, he's got the social skills of a hermit living under a bridge?


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