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Re: A bit biased it seems, or certainly not intellectually honest

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So, stop down to about f/8 and you will get a DOF of about 8-10 inches.

Now, you have to ask yourself why did you spend so much money for a f/1.8 lens when you really can't use it wide open for the types of photo's you want to shoot!


Yeah, thats what I am asking myself now

with lenses shot wide open (higher shutter speeds, lower ISO) the u 4/3 format is probably ideal.

No one forces one to shoot wide open. You know, it's perfectly fine to stop down. Typically the optical properties improve then too.

Except when you need the higher shutter speed.

f/4 on FF equals f/2 on m43.

So I can use the same shutter speed on FF with f/4 I can at f/2 on m43.

Your argument is not rational.

Personally I would find m4/3 too limiting for portrait photography.


It doesn't offer enough separation when the background is not far enough and the subject is not close enough. That is just a personal thing, nothing objective.

There is nothing ideal about m43 in this use case, far from it. Are you sure your personal attachement to m43-system is not clouding your judgement?

My personal attachment is absolutely clouding my judgment. Portrait photography is exactly why I chose the 4/3 format.

4/3 offers ZERO advantage for portrait photography when it comes to image quality. If you think it does, please inform me how (other than IBIS in some cases when the subject is really still and the shutter just has to be slow with enough DOF).

Also, the sensor aspect ratio is a better match for printing than the 3/2 format so you aren't cropping so much.

Are you serious? 3:2 is very common ouput format, certainly more so than 4/3.

It is, but the 3:2 format doesn't match 8" x 10", 11" x 14", 5" x7" or 8.5" x 11" nearly as well as 4/3 does. Those are common print sizes in the U.S.

But so is 3:2. You're cherry picking the print sizes you like. Today all kinds of print ratios are very common. And in the cases you're more interested in not printing, but using a computer screen, 4:3 is hardly optimal.

With the camera you have, f/4 is about as wide open as you can go for a head and shoulders shot and your focus placement has to be perfect.

It is worse with FF if that is any consolation.

Lenses can be stopped down.

Unless you need the higher shutter speed.

But f/4 on FF is the same as f/2 on m43. If f/2 is wide open on both, then only FF can get more shutter speed from that point on.

If you want to shoot wide open portrait length lenses at base ISO, the 4/3 crop factor and aspect ratio is an advantage.

Why you insist wide open? Assuming same f/# Wide open on iPhone is not the same as wide open on FF, is it? Nor is wide open on m43 is not the same as wide open on FF (assuming same f/#).

Aspect ratio is disadvantage for digital output mediums (TV, monitors) for m43, for printouts it's irrelevant as all formats are very widely available.

When you shoot with different formats, do you first decided that "ah, I'll shoot this wide open", regardless of what "wide open" means with the system?

FF is no worse than APS-C

Mostly true.

For portraiture there is nothing APS-C can do, FF can't. On the other hand FF can do more. Thus FF is better for this purpouse.

or your belowed m43 for this kind of use.

Not true. See above.

You offer no logical reason for your argument. The printout-reason isdemonstrably false - I even checkoud out typical US based photolabs and they all offered all kinds of output formats on all sizes. This alone makes you sound like biased for your favorite brand or format.

The "wide open" logic is just silly. Should you fist decide what kind of photo you take, and then choose the appropriate aperture instead of just blindly taking "wide open" which creates different results with different formats.

For the reason FF is better for this job than APS-C it's better for this job than m43.


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