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Re: "Window Dressing" is marketing

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If they are making these for people who want cool and style, why don't they do the minimum for what those people look for, like wifi, articulating screens, touch screens, better video? It's like their target is Japanese teen girls, but who take photos like the old men in here. I don't get the strategy? You think anyone who buys a pink camera isn't looking for the minimum in sizzle type features like wifi?

Pentax just seems so slow and cautious to bring anything new to the table. It's like a feature has to have been on the market for 5 years by everyone else while they say, "we're looking into that" at every photokina interview and before they will implement it begrudgingly.

That's a strange variant of a Pentax-centric world view that ignores the fact that Pentax has also pioneered features that were subsequently begrudgingly, or never, implemented by the competition, such as weather sealing. Pentax is not the only brand to not have touch screens, and there's WiFi via FluCard, which from what I've seen works like magic and except for a few scenarios replaces the touch screen entirely, and has about zero risk of operating error.

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The Flu car is a bad magic show, and if you think using your tablet or iphone as a touch screen replaces an on camera touch screen, I give up, not even sure it's worth explaining.

Touch screen is a poor interface for a camera, much worse than buttons&dials.


Sorry, I didn't know we had to choose one or the other when everyone that implements this allows for both. Tell me how selecting focus points is better with buttons again? Do you only shoot things that allow you enough time to eat a sandwich as well between shots?

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