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tedolf wrote:

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tedolf wrote:

this is one of the problems with larger sensored cameras. Wide open the DOF is just too shallow to do portrait work.

How can an option be a problem? No one is forcing to shoot wide open, but isn't it good to have a such option?

If you need to shoot wide open (need faster shutter speed, need to shoot at base ISO) it is a useless option.

But that is a condition which is outside the performance envelope of the smaller sensor camera. The big sensor can still do what the small can. And in the case you want to take advantage of the extra full frame has, you have it.

If you stop down FF, you'll get the same image quality (for the same shutter speed) and DOF you get from a smaller format, but if you need more speed, you can open the aperture further, to terriritory the smaller formats can not.

Do you realize that f/2 wide open m43 or APS-C is not the same as f/2 wide open on full frame? f/4 on FF gets the same DOF and with the same shutter speed the same image quality a m43 gets on f/2. But for the cases you need more speed, you still have two stops of space with the FF.

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