Is the 5dmk3 the perfect camera?

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Re: No

I am  not  gone try your trick of wiping the camera, and if you read back to those post, you will see that I had my first problem as I started to wipe the camera before putting it in the bag I had, the problem occurred when I flipped the camera (after top wiped).

Second time also, when I flipped the camera to walk to a safe place to take it out of the rain cover, wipe it and place it in the bag, it gave me no chance, zoom in zoom out was what I feel from the camera. Then capout!

I made another photographer trick by buying a rain cover for the cam. I got  a big fail with it.

You think I am the only one having problem with the 5D3. Maybe not, maybe other have no guts to tell it, maybe they are afraid of the Canon giant.

I have no willing to switch to any other company.

I got cough ounce, I had my trip. LOL, the only trip I made in my life. Maybe I should have been to Caribbean or somewhere else for that money.

I could have bough 3-4 new computers or many other products. I though it was an investment for the passion I have. BIG FISH I WAS!

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