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Re: Hire a SB800?

Ok Guys. You can't tell me that back in the day that the D200 was what everybody was using to do weddings and all types of professional work that they didn't get quality images shooting manually with manual flash!?

i don't know that the D200 was ever what everybody was using to do weddings. wedding photographers were a fickle bunch in that era, and would frequently trade systems back and forth when canon or nikon offered an incrementally better camera or lens.

in the D200's heyday, most wedding photographers i saw were using the canon 5D, because it offered substantially better ISO performance.

So! Back to the original question, how was it done? Not what I need to buy to meet today's so called standards.

your clients live in today. they have today's standards. it's not about the gear; it's what the gear can handle. the D200 makes pretty nice looking images under controlled lighting, or lots of natural lighting. not so much in the dark. and flash is not always an option, never mind the best option, for aesthetic reasons. better gear gives you more choices, and at a wedding you never want to find yourself without any choices.

I know that everybody has different standards. So D200 fans help me out here.

this may surprise you, but i'm a D200 fan. i owned one for many years, and shot lots of things on it, including a wedding. i know exactly what it's capable of, and what it's not capable of. and i know that it's a whole lot easier shooting a wedding on something better.

but my statements above are not just about the D200. it's about everything. one camera, one (manual) flash, one zoom, and one prime is no way to shoot a wedding. you need back ups for everything. you cannot afford to have your only camera break, malfunction, etc. you need to have the proper equipment if you are going to shoot weddings. these are not photo jobs to be taken lightly; you do not get a second chance, and you frequently do not get any control over your situation.

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