Defective FZ1000? May buy FZ200..

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Defective FZ1000? May buy FZ200..

Bought the FZ1000 to replace my Sony HX200V, which I liked except for the lens brightness w/zoom, reduced quality images with max zoom and JPEG only image capture.  Would rather have a bridge zoom than tote a big lens for the long reaches..

Bought the FZ1000 for RAW and most important, the 1" sensor, which I found transformative having owned a number of P+S (including the XZ-1 and Canon s100) before settling on the RX100...which is an absolutely amazing camera.  Not interested in the RX10 as I want more reach (200mm...meh). Usually buy 1-2 cameras/year and thought the FZ1000 a nice upgrade.

Have been using the FZ1000 for the past two days and am very surprised by the inconsistency of the camera...too frequently the images are poor quality.  Given my experience with cameras (I'm not a noob) and my love of Pannys, I'm kind of stunned.  The quality is just not there.  In general, the issue is about focusing and image quality/resolution. One strong hint that I have a problem is that turn of the manual focus ring on the camera is not always responsive...very inconsistent. Also, when in focus, the image quality is not very good. Here are two shots manual focus. For the flowers, I was trying to capture the one in the lower left of the image. O.I.S. was on...tried multiple ISOs, shutter speeds...just not impressed.  Close examination of the fence = meh. Could have done better with the HX200V!

I might have a defective camera (especially with there being a manual focus issue).  Am thinking of returning the camera for the FZ200 for the longer reach, constant 2.8 and RAW capabilities. A $500 upgrade it is not ($400 vs $900). Don't care about the 4k video capability.  Wanted the camera for the 1" sensor...meh.  Strongly assume that this is a defective camera...not slamming the FZ1000, ass ume it is great (and people are confirming this). For me, once bitten now shy...and the $500 difference does not justify it with the loss of 2.8 with zoom and the longer reach. Call me jaded..

Below are two images I just happen to have on my camera now. I'd say that I have deleted ~30% of what I've taken so far due to inferior quality.


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