Poor 810 sales

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Trees are important

Rick Knepper wrote:

nikonuserinfo wrote:

The premise of my post was based on Mr. Hogan's suggestion that D810s aren't selling out because of the NX-2 issue. I think that is a ridiculous conclusion from an otherwise insightful blogger or Nikon users are particularly afraid of change (to whom I am trying to help by testifying that there is life beyond NX-2, really a good life). Mr. Hogan did not claim D810 sales were poor by the way.

The number one reason for most current D800 series users to forgo upgrading at this time is because the purchase of their D800 series camera is still too new. The unadulterated praise the D810 is getting (sans the software carping) will eventually drive more DX users and brand-switchers to the D810 than D800 upgraders in the near term.

detsils are important and there are things that capture nx does as an integrated raw converter that other software doesn't

if adobe shut down tomorrow and all those years invested in learning photoshop were gone would you view that as an opportunity?

and it is perfectly normal for people to wait in purchasing a new camera until suitable software for processing it is available

but the real point that thom is trying to make is that workflow, what happens after the image is taken, is extremely important

and that nikon seems to be tsaking a step backwards in this workflow and do not appear to understand how important it is

And at a time of declining sales and stock prices now is not the time for a company to be making tscticsl mistakes

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