In the Mood (about lenses craze)

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In the Mood (about lenses craze)

I am now in that crazy mood of diving deep into the world of choice of lenses. This time for my Fuji X-T1. I am spending so much time with reading about lenses, thoughts about lens combinations, what I need/want in the near future. I am a retiree, if you were a fly on the wall you might think I have gone mad. But I have been through it before, and I know it will pass. But just now, I can't wait to start on the computer after breakfast, and I am still reading just before I go to bed.
(Ranting  -  you might want to stop here).
From my travel diaries I have copied all the notes with my thoughts of which set-up I would like to have. I have such notes from the eighties and until recently. Strange reading today.
As life moves on, so do the needs for different lenses. When I now have ended my beach volleyball photography, I do not need the long teles any more. I have had the Canon 300 mm f/4, very good lens, and the perfect lens for this photography, the Olympus 50-200 mm zoom (100-400 mm).
Since I am an old man now, born the very same day WW2 started - (ha, you know your history, right?) I don`t like big and heavy any more. So here are my thoughts about the situation right now:

I have the X-E1 and the X-T1, and the 14mm and 18-55mm. Good combination.
My favourite wide angle, however, used to be a 24mm for my filmcamera. And I have a hole just there (21mm and 27mm). Two very good lenses. But Fuji is coming up with the 16-55mm (24-85mm) f/2.8. Could that replace the two lenses I have today with this one

? Or will it be too heavy as my walk around lens? We shall know later this year.
I also want a tele lens. I former days, 135mm was the standard tele beside the normal that you got with the camera. A new 90mm will be just that. What about bird photography, which I also have been interested in? Well, I am not too keen on photographing species pictures any more. More birds in their environment.
So, in my "stream of consciousness" ideas about selecting the "right" lenses or my X cameras. This is where I am now:

The X-T1, the 12-55mm f/2.8 and the 90mm f/2.0.
Please, if you read it all, bear over with my ranting...

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