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Can't see the forest for the trees

nikonuserinfo wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

but only in the sense that he is seeing a fact and talking about the near term. Where he is wrong is in his conclusion. Getting away from NX-2 will be the best thing that ever happened to Nikon photographers who have become dependent on this software.


What a strange reasoning... Someone might say the same about Adobe software. It would be just a very poor evolution in relation to creativity that finally everybody might use DNG or Adobe...

Of course this would seem strange to you. You can't see the forest for the trees in terms of this particular issue. You are too upset that Nikon "took something away" from you to see that the possibilities are now wide open (until such time that you lock yourself into the next software solution - and I would suggest that be PS CC).

And no, I've never seen anyone who has learned PS and ACR completely declare they are giving up Photoshop to use a rudimentary alternative from a camera maker.

For most folks looking at this thread now (perhaps in the USA only), there is an ad in the right-hand panel for PS and LR for $9.99/month. I strongly advise jumping on that offer.

Anyhow, since D810 NEF is not supported by NX2, I shoot NEFs in neutral setting (one of the great qualities NX software has is that it keeps the picture style settings when opening a NEF file ) -> eventually adjust exposure and WB with NikonView NX2.10 -> conversion to TIFF with NikonView NX2.10 -> go to NX2 to do the final touch with its great U point tech. ->After that I use PS CS5 to put eventually some text.

I've addressed this in another thread but Picture Style and the Image Enhancement features are nothing more than (post)-processing going on internally in the camera. What you see when you open a NEF in "NX-whatever" is not the raw NEF unless you purposely turn off all of that stuff. The good news is that you can still produce the same result by your own hand with PS or any other decent photo-editing software [with some training]. More good news being that Adobe will support any camera produced by Nikon in the foreseeable future. Hard to imagine Adobe taking a software icon like Photoshop off the market. Plus, you can create your own profiles for ACR or buy 3rd party profiles from folks who done the learning themselves and know how to create profiles for ACR.

Several key functions in NEF conversion are missing in NikonView 2.10 and NX-D though, and that's a pity.

Refer to my previous paragraph. Whatever key feature you believe you have lost and the result that feature produces can be accomplished in PS. Once learned and incorporated into the workflow, Nikon can't take your PS away from you.

About NX2 not to support D810 NEF files I am convinced that it will keep several users longer with their D800 or D800e...

There is a trend in the industry to get away from perpetual software updates (that can keep 10 year old cameras [or any hardware for that matter] and 10 year old software relevant). The implementation is different from company to company. Canon has done it. Adobe has done it in their arena. Microsoft has been doing it for years. Intel makes sure each new processor series has its own socket arrangement so they can sell new motherboards and chipsets along with their new processors.

And about D810 poor sales: A big retailer and friend of mine told me that mirrorless, Fuji and mobile phones are taking big part of classic DSLR market, no reasons to search relative poor D810 sales within Nikon management.

The premise of my post was based on Mr. Hogan's suggestion that D810s aren't selling out because of the NX-2 issue. I think that is a ridiculous conclusion from an otherwise insightful blogger or Nikon users are particularly afraid of change (to whom I am trying to help by testifying that there is life beyond NX-2, really a good life). Mr. Hogan did not claim D810 sales were poor by the way.

The number one reason for most current D800 series users to forgo upgrading at this time is because the purchase of their D800 series camera is still too new. The unadulterated praise the D810 is getting (sans the software carping) will eventually drive more DX users and brand-switchers to the D810 than D800 upgraders in the near term.

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