Inexpensive genuine Canon EF to EF-M adapters on eBay

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Jonathan Brady
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Inexpensive genuine Canon EF to EF-M adapters on eBay

There are a couple of threads going on about adapters so I thought I'd throw up a few links for those looking to get the EF to EF-M adapter MADE BY CANON at a low price.

All of these sellers have the same price ($62.98 or $62.99) and they also all will allow you to "make an offer" which gives you the chance to offer them less than the advertised price. The way it works is that you make an offer (for instance, $50 shipped) and if they accept, you have to buy it or risk negative feedback. They can also decline your offer. You get 3 "declines" before you're forced to either buy it at their price or move on to another listing. I believe I went as high as $55 and they were declined. Makes sense, at that price there's not a lot of margin left on them. My guess is a 10% discount is probably acceptable to them, but perhaps not?

Anyway... here are the listings (all of the sellers have good feedback ratings). I bought from 2011fashionpie previously and had a flawless experience and because of that decided to buy again from them this most recent time.

Another listing from the same seller

2 listings from another seller

And 2 listings from yet another seller

From any of the above sellers, it's pretty much guaranteed that you won't get Canon USA warranty repairs if needed.  To me, it's like buying it second hand from Joe Schmoe 366 days after Joe bought it.  It's never used, but out of warranty.

Here are some Amazon links for the adapter. The first is from 6ave who is NOT an authorized Canon dealer in the US so it's possible you won't get Canon USA warranty repairs if needed.  $79

Personally, I think it's pretty safe to buy from any of these sellers above. The eBay sellers REALLY value their feedback and if for some reason you get a bad copy of the adapter (haven't heard of it from anyone yet - regardless of who they bought it from), my guess is they'll switch it out for you. There's also eBay buyer protection and you can use a credit card (not a debit card) for payment and get ANOTHER layer of protection that way. The same goes for 6ave (who is the seller on eBay who was selling $250 EOS M + either the 18-55 or 22/2 lens recently) via Amazon.

Or, you can buy it directly from Amazon for literally MORE THAN TWICE THE PRICE of the eBay sellers from China - $135

For my money, I'll take my chances with the eBay versions and if for some reason it breaks (which isn't any more likely than buying it from Amazon as it's the exact same thing) and I can't get it covered under warranty (like I could with the one directly from Amazon at more than twice the price) I'll buy another from China and still save a few bucks. That's just my way of thinking anyway...

Finally, for the EXTREMELY price sensitive, there's the 3rd party adapters.  To me, for $63 for the real deal, it's not worth the difference in price to go with a 3rd party company.  NONE of the 3rd party companies offer an adapter that is BETTER, STRONGER, or made from more premium materials than the Canon adapter.  The materials also happen to match the M lenses and the EF and EF-S lenses (the modern ones anyway).  And many of the knock-offs are demonstrably worse in materials and performance.  For 63 bucks... why bother?  Again... just my opinion.

Hope this helps someone

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