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ace106 wrote:

This is just a straight forward question.
Can attaching a clear protective filter soften an image or degrade image quality at all?

Yes. You add two extra air-glass-surfaces to the optical path. Depending on the quality of the filter there will be a tiiny little more or a lot more reflections. Wether they are an issue to you is a different question. A good quality filter causes only minute changes not visible at all under most conditions.

When I touched SLRs for the first time, I used UV filter for protection, but since the only they they ever did to me was cost money, I didtched the practise. Now I would only use any kind of extra filter for protection if the environment hazards would be such that using one would be advisable (like sand flying in the air).

A salesman told me that it would have no impact on the image quality.

Salesman's job is to see products, not to tell the absolute truth, or even to have a clue.

I'm a bit skeptical since that came from a salesman who gets commission so I figured I would get other opinions on the matter.

Never trust salesmen. Never trust advertisements.

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