Poor 810 sales

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RedFox88 wrote:

It's not "workflow", it's a refresh model and SLR camera sales are in decline. Buyers that have a d800 aren't gaining any more resolution but just 1 fps just like the d300s was. nikon should not expect "good" sales of an expensive refresh model. This might be different if they also didn't offer 35mm cameras in the df and d610.

I changed to a D810 and I would say it's a lot more than just a refresh. The AF is a substantial improvement, shutter is much smoother and quieter and the new highlight protection metering seems rather good.

All in all I am extremely happy with the upgrade. Reviews and responses here would seem to support that view.

A handful of replies on here doesn't mean there's a high volume of sales. And you pointed out updated parts that a pro photographer may be able to take advantage of and afford but unlikely for many hobbyists to afford for minor differences with no change in resolution.

I was relying on the Amazon sales statistics to carry the point about actual sales being far from poor.

As for a change in resolution being required to make a camera a worthy upgrade, where does that leave the 16mp Fuji range, or almost all Canons?

I would not call a much improved AF system a minor difference. It was one area where the D800 may have lagged behind the competition, now it doesn't.

The most telling point for me is that I see no negativity from people who actually have the camera, only from people who don't.

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