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Re: Thom Hogan Too Negative

Thoughts R Us wrote:

Thom Hogan is way too negative. He gets depressing to read.

No matter what, he's always down on the camera companies, and especially Nikon.

Given the way he writes about Nikon, I'm surprised they are even in existence. I am also surprised that Thom still uses Nikon products. Interesting. So he criticizes them as if they are morons who can't do anything right, yet still buys their equipment.

As they say, the real measure is how someone spends their money; all else is BS.

I respect Thom, and have always learned something from reading him...but now it's gotten to the point that I largely tune him out. I can almost predict what he will write:

Nikon just about can't get anything right. Even when they get something right, they mess it up in some other way. Nikon doesn't listen to or pay attention to customers. Nikon makes bad business decisions. Nikon can't manage inventory properly. Nikon can't even name their products properly. Nikon doesn't price properly, they don't manage releases properly, they have gaping holes in lens lineup...blah...blah...blah.

Nikon is clueless. (But I still keep buying their products)...by Thom.

Its a pattern you see with a lot of Canon and Nikon commentary.

Ultimately I think the problem is who is reading/clicking this stuff, sadly its not your average buyer but mostly people interesting in arguing and ego boosting on the net. The form this takes is I'd say very different between mirrorless owners and DSLR owners though.

On the mirrorless side you've got a lot of gearhead fanboys who want to read nothing but praise for the equipment/brand they've invested in not just financially but emotionally, they also want to here nothing but negativity about the "mainstream" that they avoided being "smarter" than the average consumer.

On the DSLR side you do have some fanboys but because Canon and Nikon are so mainstream theres really much less of an ego boost to be had. The ego boost on this side comes from being critical of the brand you use to excess, again playing yourself as "smarter than the mainstream".

So critical Nikon commentary feeds into both Nikon AND mirrorless markets and gets maximum views.

By far the biggest giveaway for me was F-stoppers "hipster" Df review, they felt the need to make it for a Nikon camera but not a Fuji/Oly camera that was sold based on retro looks.

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