Took photos with no memory card

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Re: I have been burned by this too

viking79 wrote:

The Sony does a terrible job of notifying you that there is no card in the camera. The "NO CARD" text is easy to miss ..... Sony isn't the only one that does this, but it is one of the least obvious ones I have used.

I'll accept your superior knowledge, however it interested me to read this because .... recently I was on a shooting workshop, mostly everyone using canon, nikon. As we went out to location the tutor reminded everyone to check they had battery & memory cards in camera. He made a point of saying it's easy to miss that you have no card in. Several people agreed & retold stories of their mishaps. I said I never had that issue as it flashes NO CARD. Several people noted that was a really useful feature & wished they had it. - Therefore, I had assumed Sony did quite a good job with it. I have never missed the flashing myself, it seems like a quite obvious warning.

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