Don't lie. How many camera systems do you own?

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Re: Don't lie. How many camera systems do you own? many

dennis tennis wrote:

The Photo Ninja wrote:

Which ones?

1; Canon DSLR aps, 1.3, FF

2: Canon EOS 1

3: Nikon DSLR aps, FF

3: Nikon 1

4: Fuji DSLR

5: Fuji X

6: 4/3 Olympus and Panasonic

7: mFT Olympus and Panasonic

8: Sony DSLT

9: Sony NEX/Alph mirrorless +metabones Canon speedbooster with AF.

10: Pentax DSLR

11: Samsung NX

12: lots of various legacy lMF enses used with adapters. I think this is a system in of itself.

Each brand fanboy within me hates the other stupid 11 fanboys who picked the obvious system. I hate myself.

Every day I take pictures of brick wallls and newspaper with each systems and argue about which is better. Currently jobless, friendless, hopeless.

Forgot to add

Canon SLR and Nikon SLR but nobody is interest in film.

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