Don't lie. How many camera systems do you own?

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Re: Don't lie. How many camera systems do you own? many

The Photo Ninja wrote:

Which ones?

1;  Canon DSLR aps, 1.3, FF

2:  Canon EOS 1

3:  Nikon DSLR aps, FF

3:  Nikon 1

4:  Fuji DSLR

5:  Fuji X

6:  4/3  Olympus and Panasonic

7:  mFT  Olympus and Panasonic

8:  Sony DSLT

9:  Sony NEX/Alph mirrorless +metabones Canon speedbooster with AF.

10: Pentax DSLR

11: Samsung NX

12: lots of various legacy lMF enses used with adapters. I think this is a system in of itself.

Each brand fanboy within me hates the other stupid 11 fanboys who picked the obvious system.  I hate myself.

Every day I take pictures of brick wallls and newspaper with each systems and argue about which is better.  Currently jobless, friendless, hopeless.

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