Street Photography - Clichés only?

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Re: Street Photography - Clichés only?

Steve wrote:

i've been taking shots, and have been reading more about it.. I've since deleted many of my street shots, because my end game is different.

I believe street photography should show one or both of the following.

* a display of interesting tones, lines, contrast..etc.. basically an artsy shot which elicits and emotion in the viewer.

* a street shot telling a story.. You can feel the emotion in the people in the frame and it may elicit an emotion in the viewer.

I see a lot of street photography, which are basically random shots taken in the street. I don't know why people post these shots..

As mostlyboringphotog, I can answer that question for you; for most photographers, esp. neophyte, it's the excitement of having been there himself/herself that another photo of person waiting for a bus seems so poignant or another photo of fountain with children running around seems so alive. I don't even have an excuse of being a tyro, myself.

They are boring.. say nothing about the scene or don't bring out any emotions in me.. don't make me think.. why would anyone care about these shots.. my eye sees dozen or hundreds of scenes every day. 99.9% of them say nothing and are readily forgotten.

You are obviously at a different level with all the kudos deservedly but whether you are just an artist or a great artist will depend how you comment on the boring photos of the most.

but then again.. photography is art, and technical and subjectively speaking EVERY photograph is art.. whether it is worthy of sharing, is subjective.

I can agree and disagree at the same time whether EVERY photo is art. However, I'm pretty sure most of the time it's not worth sharing subjective or otherwise

If i may make a comparison. A random shot in the street is like taking a landscape shot with no purpose other than to document the location.

I'd like to say no shot is a random shot; a lot of them, however, are photographed that way

Here are a few of mine , which i think are worth sharing (but you may not think so and that is what art is about)

Thank you for sharing and my favorite is 5th with 3 kids w/ cam...

ok.. one may argue that some are 'portrait' photography.. but they were taken on a street. LOL

My best Street Photo is of my car on the street so that I can find it again

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