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Many times

ace106 wrote:

This is just a straight forward question.
Can attaching a clear protective filter soften an image or degrade image quality at all?

Been debated many times...truth is yes sometimes, especially if a poor quality one. Also the case that a good quality one can be near impossible to notice. Here for example only one of the pics had a clear filter on and the rest taken with nothing over the lens. Note how hard it can be to tell. All taken in ambient sun light with a tripod no PP

A salesman told me that it would have no impact on the image quality. I'm a bit skeptical since that came from a salesman who gets commission so I figured I would get other opinions on the matter.

He's right, for the most part, when it's a high quality one. Lens flare can be an issue though, but even that can be well controlled with a good quality filter. Another example:  Only one of these pics had a filter on

Better to know what they are good for and when they can help and when they can be problematic. In other words...use one when it really can help and take it off when it might be detrimental. For example, with my Nikon 16-35 f4 lens (due to how it functions), a clear filter can greatly reduce dust/pollen from getting in. When shooting bright lights at night, I might take the filter off, unless it's pollen season.

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