question about filters and IQ

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Re: question about filters and IQ

ace106 wrote:

This is just a straight forward question.
Can attaching a clear protective filter soften an image or degrade image quality at all?

A salesman told me that it would have no impact on the image quality. I'm a bit skeptical since that came from a salesman who gets commission so I figured I would get other opinions on the matter.

The top of the line protective filters, like from B+W, are excellent and have very little effect on the IQ. The cheap stuff definitely degrades the image.

I'm a photojournalist and 99.9% of the time I do not use a filter. I've been active for over 30 years and find that a hard lens hood provides all the protection a lens will ever need, plus they minimize lens flare.

I do use a filter at the beach, in the blowing rain, shooting sandblasting, etc., but that's it.

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