Best settings for bird photography (FZ200)

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Re: Best settings for bird photography (FZ200)

When using the E17ED, does it help to use the stabilization mode and conversion mode ?

Sorry for all the questions Any help would be much appreciated.

Your biggest help is the search-button You got some good info already, I would almost give you exactly the same advices as Nicodimus22, but will further suggest to make use of the 1/3 EV-steps found in menu, some resonable compromises can be done this way, even more so considered the importance of keeping ISO down, (f.eks. I found an littleĀ advantageĀ using ISO 320 insteadt of 400)

As for the F/2.8 ,.. sure nice ,.. and I use it a lot ,.. and in oposition to other TC's the Nikons can actually handle F/ values below say F/5.6 ,.. but the sweet-spot of FZ200+TC is around F/5-F/5.6 for max sharpness. In theori the DOF should be a little wider also, and I find that good, I like at least the hole HEAD to be razor-sharp, and most often the hole bird if possible, as you learn to get closer to the birds this will be a subject of choices, dependand on goals and taste

I find the Bokeh still plenty nice when you work around F/5.6 or so:

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