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Re: No one is saying that it can't be done.....

tedolf wrote:

Because for a tight head and shoulders shot at 10 feet, 85mm, f/1.8 the DOF is exactly 0.28 feet (about 3"). You can not get the entire head of a subject in focus. Can't. Period. Look at the DOF tables.

My friend - If this isn't overthinking things maybe it's just that you haveĀ an obsession with tables and numbers. Might I suggest train-spotting as a suitable pastime

OK - I'm pulling your leg...

But do bare in mind those tables are not rule tables! They will not aid your your photography if you adhere to the notion that all of your subject should fall within focus. There is nothing wrong, for example, with limiting focus to the eyes and letting the back of the head drop off from focus.

with that light unless you started using ND filters or something.

And why bring ND filters into the equation? I'm off! You're making me feel as confused as you sound

To still use f/1.8 and.....


.oh, forget it.

No, no! (curiosity overrules my confusion!)

and.....Still be able to achieve correct exposure by selecting a shutter speed within the camera's range at base ISO? As OP has already done that -  what other reason, pray tell?



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