Fuji future sensor technology?

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Just wait a month

It won't take long to know where the future is. In a month's time Photokina show will open in Köln/Cologne, and anybody with something in the near future will showcase it. I think companies will showcase anything that may be in their future, becuse the industry as a whole is in a very bad shape, with the golden eggs chicken, the DSLR, slowly fading away, and the could be heir, mirrorless systems, growing slowly and still far from profit levels.
Moreover, we are in a situation where it is extremely difficult to convince users to upgrade. Going from 20/24 MPs to 36/50 MPs is hardly a reason, when 20/24 is enough for most uses (and a higher MP count requires a self discipline to be fully exploited that few users are willing to adopt). The same for ISO: if your system is decent at 6400, how many people really need 64000 or 128000?
So the industry needs something to shout, to grab attention. It may be on the shelves, it may be in the future, it may be something distant to pre-empty competition. But the shouts will be there.
At the same moment, sensor industry is moving very quickly. It has two engines, both richer than photography: the mobile phone industry (and we're talking about millions of units a year) and the car industry, with the need for sensors for driving automation (and we're talking not only of million of units, but of amounts of money nothing else can move).
So I think the technology will run fast, and some fall-out will come to the benefit of photographic industry. Will it be enough to turn on the consumers again? I'm not sure. I bought into the Fuji X system mostly because of the lenses, but also because I happened to read all the noise made around the X-Trans sensor. The I bought a X-A1 as back up, and its humble and dated Bayer sensor is just as good as the Fuji revolution. Next time they announce a revolution, I'll make my tests first.

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