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Re: Nikon 17-55mm 2.8
The field of focus curvature I was referring to isn't something you correct's not a distortion issue, like barrel or pincushion distortion. It's inherent on the optical design of the lens, where the center focus distance is not the same as the outer focus distance, it's a curved plane.

It's not an issue generally speaking, or for me at all, but can require stopping down a bit and lining up people in a group shot in a very slight curve rather than a straight line when shot fairly close up/wide angle to get those on the ends in sharp focus.

i used to do exactly that. it was terrible for really large groups, for whatever reason. i could never seem to get sharp pictures out of it for that.

I've heard some people say it affects their landscapes, but I've never had a problem getting edge to edge sharpness in landscapes.

if you chose a single subject for you landscapes, it's irrelevant. i shot a few landscapes on it, no issues.

This characteristic of the lens actually works well for portraits and bokeh, and I wouldn't call it a flaw at all, but it's a particular characteristic of this lens which actually adds pop to many photos, particularly of people.

indeed, single human subjects, relatively close, around f/2.8-f/4, it's great. it was made for that use.

Learn how it behaves, know where it might affect a shot (good or bad) and master this great lens.

I can see little reason for Nikon to update it at all, since it's unique and pretty well done right the first time.

they probably won't. it's a professional DX lens, and nikon seems committed to keeping professional DX in the past.

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