Street Photography - Clichés only?

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Re: nonsense.

xtoph wrote:

not only is your first assertion not true, you just contradicted yourself in the above post. (which makes you seem like a troll, i.e. someone merely interested in starting an argument for the sake of arguing.)

the objective fact is that very few photos on this forum show bw pictures of homeless people in the street. for a simple cross section, check out the 100+ editions of spx , featuring photos by scores of street photographers. let me know how many other shots you have to go through before you get to one of those 'most of' shots of a homeless person in bw. and if you do eventually manage to find one, i'll wager that either the poster was (hopefully gently) nudged in a different direction, or that the shot is worthy on its own merits.

but now, in your post above, you complain instead about 'one photo after another' of people doing nothing interesting, looking at their phones, etc. fine, but obviously then you know perfectly well that 'most of' the photos you see are not of homeless people.

feel free to look through my gallery of photos here. the vast majority are in color; i think it's safe to say that the majority show people doing something. so what, exactly, is it that you want to see that you don't see there? and if you can describe what that is, why don't you go shoot it and show us instead?

otherwise your thread amounts to nothing but a whiney red herring. which reminds me, it is time for a late lunch.

Sorry, forgot to add that B/W obsession we are seeing here in my last post as a follow up to my initial one. At least half the photos in the thread you linked to were in B/W. I think too many people believes that B/W automatically adds pure awesomeness to their photos, which apparently is not the case. Like buying a Leica and max out the contrast in B/W which makes the photo indistinguishable from a mobile camera photo.

Other than that I don't think I contradict myself, I only added some observations to my first post. I even mentioned to leave the poor and homeless out of the discussion, but let's pull them in again. Didn't have to go far in your gallery to find numerous poor and homeless-looking subjects. I just think that they are overused as a "easy" subject in SP, almost like picking on the smallest kid in the school yard....

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