Street Photography - Clichés only?

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A Bright and positive note! :P

TroiD wrote:

It's been discussed many times, and the conclusion is always the same. SP by it's nature encompasses a huge variety of scenarios. Almost impossible to define. You have to accept that what you may find boring and lifeless could be very interesting for someone else.

We can all be very different.

And that, in a nutshell, is exactly what I am trying to promote!

It doesn't mean one of us is wrong.

The very best way for you to influence the forum, is by contributing some excellent SP of your own. Others will see it and they'll get ideas and inspiration.


But if all you contribute is dark negativity and complaining about the poor results of others... I'm afraid you'll be left behind and forgotten very quickly.

I also like to contribute advice on technique AND suggestions on how to improve. Please don't mistake the latter as being dark. Myself, and others (who have made similar comments here & in the past) may not be worth listening to - That's your prerogative. But you are so wrong if you think we come here to contribute negativity.
Most definately the attempt is to provoke a positive reaction.

Indeed, if anyone does "recognise themselves in the slightly exaggerated characterization" (c.o.Roel) I expect they will feel motivated to try harder. To suggest otherwise would be to suggest folk just come here to get their ego's massaged - Which would be very negative thinking imho.

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