Adobe LR5.6 NEX-6 SEL18-55 (RAW Profile)

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Re: Adobe LR5.6 NEX-6 SEL18-55 (RAW Profile)

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When I import a raw file to Library, LR correctly identifies the camera (NEX-6) and the lens used (SEL 18-55), but when I switch to the Develop module and look at the Lens Correction tab the Lens is correctly identified but the Profile says NEX-5n. I know I can manually change to the "correct" profile, but I'm a bit confuse because when I look at my Adobe Lens Profile Downloader under Sony NEX-6 I only see the SEL P16-50 lens profile, did Adobe ever released an official profile for the NEX6 + SEL 18-55?

Adobe Lens Profiles are not camera specific - though you would want one created for full frame if shooting for with a full frame body.

Well there are some exceptions to that. For example, A700 has specific profiles for DT 18-200, A900 has one for 50 f1.4 - other cameras use generic versions. And the E16 and E18-55 are shown with Sony NEX-5 in the name (the camera used to create the profile, I believe) although there are no other versions for these lenses. In LR4 however, it was hard to get the 18-55 to work for NEX-7 - I had to hack the file (these are human readable "pseudo" XML).

Here's a few lines from the current E16 profile (same for 18-55) :

<stCamera:UniqueCameraModel>Sony NEX-5</stCamera:UniqueCameraModel>
<stCamera:Lens>E 16mm F2.8</stCamera:Lens>

When Adobe started creating Lens Profiles they listed the camera they were created with.

While it's helpful to know if a profile was created using a Sony a700 so you'll know if not going to be very accurate for fullframe. (A fullframe profile works just fine on APS-C - just not the other way around for rather obvious reasons.)

The 50 f 1.4 lens profile works fine on bodies other than the a900 and that's why new profiles no longer contain such a designation.

Adobe's lens profiles are now created from a computer lens test data supplied by Sony - just as they are with Canon, Nikon and others...

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