My first sky replacement - Critique please

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Here's the result using my procedure.

nevada5 wrote:

I've tried to replace skies in the past and never liked the results. I have good success changing dull grey skies to blue. I use PS CS5. I can't say if the procedure can be used in Elements, but I'll post it just the same.

Click on Magic Wand Tool. Set tolerance to 30. Uncheck Contiguous, uncheck Anti-alias, uncheck Sample All Layers.

Select the sky. Using shift, select all sky areas. Then Select>Modify>Feather, select 10 pixels +/- (I think I usually use 3-5 pixels).

Click on Gradient Tool. Select “Foreground to Transparent” from drop-down menu. Select “Reverse”, select “Dither” and select “Transparency” (check all). Set Opacity to 30%.

Click on the Foreground Color box and select a natural blue sky-like color. Color picker #1A56B1 is a good color.

Click on Gradient Tool again. Put mouse cursor on bottom of sky, drag to top of sky. Drag at an angle for a different look. If needed, click on “Edit” and “Fade.”

I used a tolerance level of 15 and still picked up parts of the car, so I deselected those areas.  That's part of using and learning the procedure. When I finished I used "Fade Gradient" and increased it from 30 to 40 to increase color.  Then I dodged the sky to brighten it.  For my tastes, it's more natural than to replace the sky.

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