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Re: No one is saying that it can't be done.....

tedolf wrote:

Doss wrote:

But it doesn't work well for beginners, or frankly most amateur photographers. And, you pay a lot of $$ for it. If a beginner can't really make use of it, what is the point of spending all that $$?

Yes...but - Having gone out and bought such a lens the first thing I would suggest to anyone (beginner or otherwise) is run a few tests shots and make sure it is usable wide open - for when you need it.

but I don't think they were trying to get a desired effect,. I think they were just testing out a new lens and wanted to be sure they could get away with using it at f1.8 - which is the point of having a lens with that setting!

And he couldn't. And neither could I, and neither could you in that setting,

Erm - Yes, I most certainly could! Why do you not find this achievable?

with that light unless you started using ND filters or something.

And why bring ND filters into the equation? I'm off! You're making me feel as confused as you sound


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