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Hire a SB800?

Allen1025 wrote:

This is not my first paid wedding. I have done several and I have pro mono heads and soft boxes but the church is small and has a lot of clutter and unsightly and distracting pictures on the front wall so we will only do the ceremony and a few shots inside without setting up the mono heads.
My question to the forum is about shooting in manual mode inside using on camera (non TTL) flash.

OK, so you've shot weddings before and we don't need to warn you about your responsibilities and the irrepeatability of the occasion?

Firstly you need to check out the voltage the Vivitar 285 presents at the foot terminals. Some  variations of the 285 had very high voltages which could fry your camera. check out this website:


Best of all, get a cheap volmeter and measure the voltage yourself. The 285 is not iTTL compatible. That means you will be using it in autoranging mode most likely and therefore manual mode on the camera is appropriate. If you can, I'd recommend going to the venue beforehand and experimenting.

I have to say, if you are going to be the principal photographer, you seem underequipped to me and maybe under-experienced also. Could you beg/borrow/hire/steal a SB800 and preferably a second backup body too?

Good luck


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