5D Mk III vs Nikon D810 Worth Switching/Acquiring or Waiting? Locked

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5D Mk III vs Nikon D810 Worth Switching/Acquiring or Waiting?

A recent Tony and Chelsea Northrup review compares both cameras using identical Tamron lens. To them it suggests a clear winner.


We all know that photography is much more than the gear but hey, this is a Canon gear forum.  With yet no new gear from Canon that responds to what Nikon is delivering with the D810,  there must be those who are considering the option of acquiring the D810 along with the required lens. (If you purchase some Sigma lens, you can even have the mount changed.)

Compelling features about the D810 compared to 5D Mk III

- low ISO 64

- much better DR

- much better noise at low ISO

- ~20%  more accurate AF

- auto face detection exposure adjustment

- far better detail due to the 36 MP sensor

None of this may be important to those casual shooters who don't care about such features but it must be causing professionals who strive for near absolute technical perfection (using 35mm equivalent FF digital sensors)  to consider it. If the camera significantly reduces workflow-time and reliably produces a consistently superior image product, there must be some temptation by such folks to seriously consider it.

It's likely not a perfect camera as some suggest the build quality is not as good as previous model but time is money and a faster more streamlined workflow quickly justifies the acquisition.

Also, there be a whole lot of folks feeling rather "burned" right about now. This modern day disposable business philosophy that ignores the current model defects and simply produces an "improved" model in a two year cycle, will leave a bad taste in those who cannot afford to simply shrug it off. At least with the Canon models, significant time has elapsed to achieve a ROI that helps justify the equipment upgrades.

If considering tossing the 5D MK III's into the corner in favor of a D810, what are the main reasons why you would? What are the absolute minimum features you would need in a replacement camera from Canon?

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