Fuji future sensor technology?

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Re: Fuji future sensor technology?

Daniel Keutmann wrote:

I heard rumors of canon and sony developing foveon-like sensors.

First, I agree with other comments that it's a bad idea to base purchasing decisions on vague rumors.

Because of its obvious potential advantages, lots of companies are pursuing full-color sensing, including Fuji. They first revealed work on an organic full-color sensor in conjunction with Japan's national television agency back around 2005/2006. So the rumors are not limited to Canon and Sony.

That said, I don't think there's any way to guess who might make a breakthrough, although Fuji would certainly be on my short list (along with Sony and Canon).

If one of them should succeed in producing such a sensor with decent low light performance I fear that this would mean the end for the other companies

It's very unlikely that it would mean the end for other camera companies. It's very probable that whoever invented such a sensor -- if its performance and price were good -- would go into the business of supplying it to other companies, just as Sony now does with its sensors. That's where the real money would be for them. Remember that there is a huge ecosystem in which sensors play the central role -- for industrial and machine vision applications, video in all its forms (from closed-circuit surveillance to Hollywood blockbuster productions), military and aerospace, smartphones!, and, finally, the little ol' still cameras we like.

If you had a hot full-color sensor technology, the obvious business choice is to sell it and/or license it for a tidy profit to all of the hundreds of companies making cameras for all those different uses.

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