Em-10 : focus hunt, ergonomics and other issues.

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Em-10 : focus hunt, ergonomics and other issues.

I love my em-10 and a lot of its qualities have been detailed elsewhere, but for those who might be considering the upgrade, here are a few issues:

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Focusing : I use the em-10 with Pl25 f1.4, 45 f1.8, 14mm f2.5 and ft 9-18 with adapter.

I find that the focusing while decent, is not as good as my old gf3. I can't comment on the accuracy and i'm not even sur at the speed but I think the panasonic approach might be less prone to (annoying) hunting. The olympus approach seems more aggressive, and seems to hunt more. This is also the case with the FT 9-18 lens.

Moreover, during the hunting, the white balance is sometimes flickering which makes the hunting even more noticeable/annoying.

I think this is the main disappointment for me with this camera as I expected best in class focusing. It is not at all a deal breaker and it is plenty fast but I just wanted to give my opinion.

------Ergonomics (again comparing with gf3). Well everyone knows olympus menus could be better. But I also realized that some implementations could be greatly improved without too much work. For example, the touchscreen is barely used whether you like it or not.

Next, the myset, while a great idea, looses a lot of its potential as the assignment to the function button is not kept when the myset is called by the mode dial or button also can't be renamed: quite a waste.

Also a waste is the impossibility to use the arrows of the cross pad as function buttons: you can set some functions, but not everything you would want: why ?

The multifunction setting is also weird : why force the use of the shadow/highlight custom curve when most people don't use that ?

People present the olympus cameras as cameras that can be customized to a great extent: it is true but still not quite enough to recover all the poor software implementations : some customization appear really gimmicky and useless while others are not available.

--------The panorama mode is a joke.

-------no rule of thirds grid : seriously ? golden ratio might be better for some people but most of the time, rule of thirds is my style and I'm not alone.

--------Focus points : why no other choice than small and super small ? The touch to focus has a bigger box, why can't we use the bigger box by default ? This is especialy true with focusing FT lenses : the focus point is too small to prevent hunting : the large box of the touch to focus works better.

--------Battery life is poor: could be worse than gf3.

Again, this could look like a very negative review : it is not. It is only the main issues I have with the camera : the rest is great and I recommend it, but maybe not for beginners.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3
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