RX100M3 inconsistent autofocusing "bug" sucks!!!!!

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Re: RX100M3 inconsistent autofocusing "bug" sucks!!!!!

I've shot a few hundred images with my RX100/3, and have not had ONE focus issue. It sounds like your focus point(s) are "seeing" the background instead of your subject.

What settings are you using? Try changing the AF to single point. Once you do that, you can hit the center button 2x, and then use the up/down/left/right buttons to move the focus point around. You can also use the wheel to make the focus point bigger or smaller. A smaller box can help the AF "find" the subject more easily.

AF is not "magic". You need to make sure it is "seeing" what you want to focus on, and the subject needs to be something with some "contrast" or defined features/edges. AF can be easily fooled on ANY camera by shallow DOF and subjects with little or no contrast.

Of course, you could have a faulty camera, but I'd spend a half hour playing with different focus features before throwing in the towel.

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