First serious digital camera

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Re: First serious digital camera

I think you would like to do something like  He makes wall sized industrial landscapes from a large format view camera.  He uses sheet film because the resolution of digital does not yet match a 4x5 neg (although i think the latest MF digital backs may?) and the look of film grain is more pleasing than digital artifacts IMO.  It's well worth seeing his work if his show goes through your local gallery.

You can buy a Calalmut used for under 2K, process the negative yourself, and get it professionally scanned with a drum scanner.  You're not going to get a digital back for the budget you want unless you add another "0". Maybe more.

Realistically, the suggestion of a Fuji is very good and they have more traditional controls that you may like.  The Sony A7 pushes into medium format territory, but getting  the lenses will push you above 2K.  Any of the 24MP dSLR or mirroless do a very good job, but the challenge will be in post processing in the computer.  Like darkroom work, digital processing takes patience to learn the tricks to make the picture you want.

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