Fuji future sensor technology?

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Hello everyone,

I just sold my Canon SLR equipment and am now at the point of investing in a new system. Since I find the electronic viewfinders good enough by now it should be a mirrorless camera.

I want an aps-c sized sensor so m43 is not an option. This leaves me pretty much the choice between Fuji an Sony.

I think the Fuji lens line up is much better, I actually struggle to find a decent standard-zoom for sony.

In addition I somehow don't like how sony cameras operate and feel.

So it's all in favour of Fuji... BUT

I heard rumors of canon and sony developing foveon-like sensors. If one of them should succeed in producing such a sensor with decent low light performance I fear that this would mean the end for the other companies (I own a dp merrill - in good light nothing can match it in terms of sheer image quality).

Is Fuji developing anything similar as well?

It would be annoying to invest in Fuji if they can't compete sensor wise...

What are your thoughts on this?

Best regards


First, I thank Sony for its great sensor we can benefit on our Fuji camera

Do we have a statement from Fuji or Sony that provides some truth to this often read theory? There are surely more sensor manufacturers out there, other than Sony, so without knowing precisely who delivers what to whom, everything else is speculation.

Not that it would matter where the chip comes from really.

This is not a secret or speculation.


"They look very much the same, they offer the same buttons and controls, the same processor, the same operating speed/performance, the same features, the same menus, the same build, material and size, even the same 16 MP Sony sensor"

Rico is a trusted source, right ?

Also, if you want to know precisely the Sony sensor used:


But this is really something weird. Why do people doubt so much about this information ??? Is there a problem pretending that the Fuji sensor is a Sony ? In this forum, I see lot's of critics about Sony, maybe this is an explanation. I hope Fuji will continue with Sony, they have great sensors.

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