Streamline and improve my lens collection, please!

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Streamline and improve my lens collection, please!

Hi to all,

Around 1 year ago I upgraded an old Rebel to the Canon 6d. Absolutely love the camera, and the move to FF was everything I hoped it would be.

I have an assortment of lenses, and would like to streamline my collection, and improve it in the right areas.

Interests include travel/street photography, portraiture, landscape shooting (particularly whilst hiking and mountaineering) and the occasional bit of wildlife (not BIF at present, mostly whilst traveling).

Current lenses include

1 - Canon 24-105 f4 is (kit lens with 6d). Like this lens, but haven't been 'wowed' by the printed pictures. Look great on screen but a bit underwhelming on paper...

2 - Canon 70-300 f4-5.6 L. Like this lens. Very packable. Not too heavy. Very sharp. But.. a little slow.

3 - A very old (5th hand..) sigma AF 15-30 f3.5-3.5 EX DG. Pretty useless to be honest. The autofocus is dreadful (grinding...), and not amazed by the pictures, but what do you expect from such an old hand-me-down lens??

4 - Canon 40mm f2.8 pancake. Picked this up cheap in town one day and absolutely love it. Sharp, light, can fit it in a jacket pocket. Very useful for days when I don't want to carry a FF camera.

5- Canon 35mm f2 is. Bit of a love/hate with this one. Not as impressed with this as the 40mm pancake, despite its better 'specs'. Picked it up as a low light travel/street lens, but just hasn't wowed me.

6 - Canon 50mm 1.8. Impulse buy and barely ever used. Prefer the 35/40mm focal lengths.

I have been considering where to improve my lens setup, and have considered the following options:

1 - Sell the 24-105 f4, 50mm 1.8 and 35mm f2 is and purchase the tamron 24-70 f2.8 vc. Gives me an excellent standard lens (by all accounts), and the vc means theres little reason to keep the 35mm f2 is just for one extra stop of low light ability.

2 - Purchase a traditional 'portrait' prime (85, 100 or 135 mm) to complement the 35/40mm prime. In combination with the 70-300L i should then cover both reach and speed on the tele end, depending on conditions and desire. Also thinking that an eventual 24-70 f2.8/135mm combination would be very flexible and light enough for day-to-day shooting in future.

3 - Upgrade on the wide angle. Not sure if I want a wide angle zoom (since 24mm is already pretty wide), but maybe a 14mm prime for those 'money shots'? How about the new 16-35 f4 is? Read a post where someone also suggested purchasing the EOS M+11-22 IS as an UWA option... Would at least give me two 'bodies' to save lens changes in the mountains...

4 - Improve my reach/speed on the tele end. The new Tamron 150-600 seems to be getting decent reviews, and going longer than 300mm on FF would be quite nice for the odd bit of wildlife!

All suggestions, advice and comments welcome...

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