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Trevor Carpenter wrote:

halfwaythere wrote:

Allow me to disagree. Maybe you haven't looked at the right pictures but the difference between FZ200 and FZ1000 is night and day. The same, to a more degree at higher iso, can be said about the FZ50 and the FZ1000.

I honestly don't understand why some Pana owners are downplaying the quality of the FZ1000 because at the end of the day it's a Panasonic product.

I believe you, please show me the links that show the best of FZ1000

Hi, Trevor.

John Miles warned us that your approval was the "acid test: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/54099020

My sense so far (sans FZ1000 ) is ...disregarding the video and the convenience of 8mpx extracts from the video

The people who already can get pixel-level non-downsampled excellent images with FZ150/200 will see the 2 stop advantage (falling to 1-stop at higher zoom levels) and faster focusing, and if you need the 1-2 stop bump it's a great camera.

Of course it's 1-2 stops down from the MFT and APS-C sensors, depending on their lens.

Those of us who, like me, would like just a bit more at the pixel level will find the fZ1000 even more compelling.  It seems to easier to get a high-quality image - and people haven't yet found the sweet spot for OOC JPGs, let alone posting many images from .RW2

It's not a miracle - but certainly an advance if you need what it has to offer.

Here are links to some recent collections of images at various zooms and ISO



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