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I think your mindset is out of date

I get the overall impression that you are thinking like a film photographer with a view camera in 1950, rather than modern photographer with a digital camera in 2014.

I would basically like something like a 4x5 ground glass image on the back of the camera

This is a notion strictly from the last century, IMO.

If I shoot now with my DSLRs or MILCs I would first of all frame using an EVF or OVF ( optical or electronic viewfinder ). I might also frame ( compose ) using the rear LCD, especially on models which have articulated screens when I use a tripod.

I wold shoot RAW. I would normally not worry about previews or how it looked until I got back to base for some proper post processing. However I could do in-camera raw development if I wanted to. This is not destructive - you get the RAW anyway - like the undeveloped film.

Back at base I'd process this in whatever way I wanted. Crop, B&W conversion, noise reduction, color conversions, tonal adjustments, local contrast adjustments. There's also multi-image techniques like HDR and stitching.

I think you have the idea of preview in your mind as if you had to frame perfectly when you shoot. A more modern approach ( with digital ) would be to frame approximately as you intend and refine it in post processing.

In your case other techniques, like panorama building and stitching ( with software ) strike me as relevant.

I think you need to read more about the technique for your interest area, both in terms of shooting and post processing.

I have a specific project in mind and am looking for a specific camera.

In fact you are not looking for s specific camera. You want a camera that matches your preconceived idea of how to do this, rather than learning a modern approach to do what you want.

You seem heavily influenced by view cameras, and some kind of Ansel Adams like approach to photography. Well things have moved on and I think your ideas have not.

I intend to photograph the agricultural and industrial landscape of the Pacific Northwest,

What will you do with the photos ?

Are they to be printed at gallery exhibition quality six feet by four ? Are they to be in a book ? Are they for commercial use ? Are they simply for personal use, viewed on a computer or as 8x1010s on your den wall ?

mostly in black and white

Black and white is, these days, shot primarily in color. You produce a black and white in post processing. This includes the application of colored filters which would once upon a time have been used when you shoot. All of these decisions can now be deferred until post processing.

This gives enormous scope in post processing, but requires a different mindset to the one I think you have.

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