[Need Advice] Moving from 35mm to 55mm for street photography?

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[Need Advice] Moving from 35mm to 55mm for street photography?

Hi guys,

I've been carrying my a7 + 35mm f/2.8 everywhere as my primary camera for street shooting.

I know that in a conventional sense, wider lenses are preferable in street shooting. But personally I enjoy shooting relatively close up "unauthorised" subject-unaware portraits.

I've seen videos of street photographers getting really close (maybe around 60cm or even less) to their subjects, pointing the cameras directly in their faces and take a shot.

I find this very hard to do (because I find such a behaviour somewhat insensitive).

As a compromise, I frequently need to shoot a bit further away from the subject, and crop my images to get the shot I want. This is far from ideal since I'd lose a lot of megapixels.

So, I was wondering if I should switch from 35 to 55mm for the longer reach?

Here's an example of what I meant:

The first image is the shot I took; the second image is the cropped version, or the shot I was aiming for but couldn't get because I wasn't able to get close enough with the 35

Based on the images below, would you say that the extra reach of a 55mm would be enough?

Flat view
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