Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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Re: Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

Try using the A6000/Touit 32 combo in AFC, wide area focus mode. It's crippled, yes, only 9 pdaf points usable in the middle, but man it is fast (and very accurate), even at low light.

A small trick when using the touit: set the cam to AFC, wide area focus, turn off half press af, and use AEL button for af - that way you can focus and recompose with lightning speed.

A side note: all the talk about the aps-c vs FF is irrelevant - seriously the touit alone is worth staying with aps-c. If the alternative is using a kit lens, then forget about FF. Those who haven't used the touit have no idea what they are talking about.

Michael Everett wrote:

As the OP let me go back to the original title of this thread. Shooting with the 24mp of the Nex 7 has been eyeopening for me in regard to what different lenses will do. The combination I most like is the Touit 32 with the 24mp sensor. That's my walk-around combination, and it's IQ is so good it's hard to go to other lenses. FF would be better, but how much, and as one poster observed I would probably have to go to the FE 55 to equal the 7/Touit combination. At that point I don't want to look into divorce lawyer fees.

With most other lenses, the 18-55 kit or the Sigma's, or the SEL24, the AF speed is not bad on the 7. Not ideal but mostly workable. But as anyone who has the 7/Touit combination knows, the AF there is really, really really slow. Add to that the lens hunts all the time unless you turn AF off. This adds an extra step when you want to shoot something. I have now been using the 6000 for three days, and the Touit is much faster, and all I have to do is half-press the shutter button. No extra steps on/off steps. I'm not shooting sports, but this by itself makes a difference. That and a much better ISO 3200 when I need it. So short of spending thousands of dollars on a FF system lens wins, and at least for my needs the 6000, given its price and the relatively small differential between a new 6000 and a used 7, also wins.

The 7 is still a wonderful camera, and were it not for the Touit I would not even be thinking of this trade-off.

FF guys, I came to Nex from several m43 cameras, and the main reason was for greater DR. Going from 10 something to 13 something was a big difference. Where do increases become incremental? Is it 13 to 14? I don't know, but I am not unhappy with the Nex's DR.


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