Fuji future sensor technology?

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Re: Fuji future sensor technology?

rwbaron wrote:

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rwbaron wrote:

I wouldn't buy anything from Sony that I didn't absolutely have to. Virtually everything I've ever purchased from that company was a disappointment and I don't see their photographic equipment any differently.

One example is the lossy RAW format Sony uses that a recent study with RAW Digger found posterization in properly exposed files most likely due to the lossy compression format. Sony is not an imaging company, they are a huge conglomerate with many divisions that come and go as Sony views the market trends. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony was not in the camera business 5 or 10 years from now.

Big +1 on that. I don't share the enthusiasm that many have for Sony and have bought my last camera from them.

As for Foveon I've seen interesting results and bad results. At this time I don't see Foveon as being any slam dunk over Bayer or Fuji's X-Trans so I wouldn't be too concerned as IMO it has a long way to go and it may never get there.

It's interesting that you just sold your Canon SLR system right when the rumors are that Canon is about to announce something revolutionary which is long overdue from Canon. If anything, I'd have hung on to the Canon gear until the announcement was made and then moved forward from there. That's precisely what I'm doing as I've shot Canon for nearly 40 years but just added an XT1, 18-55 and 55-200 to my bag all which I love. I'm holding off on selling most or all of my Canon gear until I see what they announce as I expect it will give me a clearer picture of where Canon is headed in the future and whether it fits with my needs.

Bob, this depends on what the OP's motivation was for ditching his gear in the first place. If it was simply to replace it with newer equipment, then I totally agree with your assessment. However, if his intention was similar to mine, which was to downsize, reduce weight, but not to do so at the expense of IQ (quite the opposite -- wanted and expected a significant improvement there), then selling his equipment may have been the right thing to do.

While the Canon cameras that are expected to come out in the next month or so are very likely going to be DSLRs, it's possible that any breakthrough sensor technology found in them might also carry forward to the M series. It's going to take a HUGE jump for Canon to migrate that series from where it is to where Fuji is now with the X-T1 (let alone where it might be with the X-T2, or whatever they call its successor). Even if I was convinced that Canon was going to so some serious tree shaking with the 7D successor, I'm not sure that I would have been willing to wait long enough for them to be REAL players in the mirrorless market, if that's where the OP really wants to be.

Perhaps if the OP shares his motivations and key purchase criteria it might help us understand what would be the best direction to go.

Good point Jerry. It would help to know what the OP's motivation is for change.


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My motivation was to move to a system that is less bulky. In addition - although EVF are not yet on the same level as OVF in terms ob image quality, they are very close. And I find it very useful to brighten up the image, check exposure, see more information, use focus peaking / split image focusing for old MF lenses etc...


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