My first package help please :)

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My first package help please :)


I'm looking to but my first DSLR (coming from a bridge and producing great work with my not so great Fuji bridge)

I'm used to having a versatile zoom lens on my bridge, so I'd like to have this compatibility with my new camera. I know zooms are frowned upon, but I'm producing images that I sincerely love with my zoom/bridge and I'd like to continue that trend with my new camera.

So my list is as follows:

18-135 STM
55-250 STM

85 1.8

I'd then upgrade my lens package over time, but this would get me a better camera without loosing the super zoom range of my bridge (which I have come to love)

But... There are a few choices that I can't quite commit over.
Are the lenses above good/better indifferent to the 18-250 sigma 16-300 tamron, 18-200 sigma C etc..

Also, I see sigma do the 18-250 and the 18-200 C but I can't find a comparison between them and/or the ones mentioned above.

What's the opinions on the package above? Should I go for that, or should I go for the all in one lenses and more primes? I just can't decide?

If anyone would care to give any user opinions etc that would be great

Thanks all

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