Don't lie. How many camera systems do you own?

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Re: Own, or actively use? :-)

In use, or including the one gathering dust? Interchangeable systems, or include P&S with add-ons, or any camera? I'm only including the ones I still have and that still work.

Two real and two halves in use:

  • m43: GX7 + 5 lenses (carry every day, use 4-5 days a week)
  • nikon DX: D5100 + 2 used lenses, 2 unused lenses (carry and use every couple weeks or so)
  • GoPro: 3 black (carry 2-3 times a month, use once or so a month)
  • phone: android (carry every day, use ~3 days out of 7, causal)

One real and three halves, systems not used much if at all:

  • Canon P&S: 3 cameras, all CHDK hacked. Still use once in a blue moon when I want two cameras, but the nikon is too big, and the gopro not "real camera" enough.
  • Sony P&S: bought because I forgot to bring a camera (my canon P&S) on a trip, loaned out more times then I've used
  • Olympus P&S/bridge: my first digital camera. Just re-found it, and it still works, all 3.4 MP of it.
  • Pentax K mount: Film, 3 lenses, pentax flash. I loved it back in the days, but didn't use it close to what I do today. I've always wanted a digital Pentax. Maybe my next system, but I doubt it: probably either another nikon or m43 next year or two.

I'm not sure why I still have all the P&S cameras. I've loaned most of them out individually over the years, forgot about it, and then got it back months later, and they didn't want to keep it.

I have to say, the GoPro is as much a system as the ILCs: it plus accessories fill a bigger bag than the Pentax + 3 lenses + old flash, and if I exclude the filters and flashes I use on my digital ILCs, as big as my m43 bag. My tripods have been used by all above except my phone, and the filters and flashes are used by both nikon and m43 gear. (The old Pentax flash works, on all ILCs, but its refresh time is sooooo long I don't use it.)

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