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Re: Maybe Canon could... but will they?

Caerolle wrote:

I think you may have misunderstood me. I was saying that Canon could make an enormous jump over *the M*, not over other existing cameras/systems.

Quite right, I did misunderstand your intent there.

To vastly improve on their current system, all they would have to do is to build a camera around the sensor from the 70D, with a great EVF. They have the sensor, they could buy the EVF from someone else, like Fuji and Olympus do. They could release a few more lenses, which would increase their lens range several-fold. They already have a mount, and if there is one thing Canon can do, it is design and build lenses. So, they really don't need any 'game-changing' sensor technology, they just need to put the one they already have, that is way better than the one they are using, in a better body.

The 70D sensor is a nice improvement over their previous technology. I think it still falls short of what's needed for future products, and in terms of DR and high ISO noise, and it's been superseded to some degree by Sony and others. IMHO, as good as it is, the 70D still can't match my Fuji in terms of recovering detail from shadows, high ISO noise management, and DR. YMMV. I believe they need to bring more to the party in their next gen cameras, regardless of form factor.

I also think that there's a whole lot more to being competitive in this space than simply tacking an EVF and decent sensor onto their existing M body. Getting the controls, UI, and the rest of the package right will require a lot of engineering and design. Canon has the chops to do that, but I'm not so sure they will, again because of the risk to their DSLR business.

Oh, and as far as your time-scale goes, I personally have given up on anyone making an APS-C mirrorless system that will meet my needs, for at least 3-5 years. I had originally planned to go back to a dSLR for a couple of years until some system, most likely Fuji, met my needs, I have given up on that, and am actually buying more lenses and making plans around using that system for at least 5 more years.

Wow, that's a pretty pessimistic view. It feels to me as if mirrorless technology is advancing at near light speed these days. In 1-2 years, EVFs went from nearly useless (strictly IMHO) to something that comes awfully close to an OVF in visible quality and supersedes it in terms of usability, available shooting information, exposure sim, etc. etc. So, I'd be really curious as to your thoughts on what would need to be improved to make a mirrorless system acceptable as a DSLR replacement? I'm guessing one thing would be AF speed coupled with accurate tracking. The X-T1 is definitely not where DSLRs like the 70D are today, though much closer than even a year ago. Do you think it will take 3-5 years for mirrorless cameras to be good enough to replace DSLRs for BIF, sports, etc.? Where else do they fall short?

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