Panasonic Decision To Make 100-300 f4 zoom a great idea...

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Re: Panasonic Decision To Make 100-300 f4 zoom a great idea...

C Sean wrote:

I think Panasonic made the right decision to drop the 100-300mm f4 at the moment and focus on the 150mm f2.8 instead. Afterall Panasonic and Olympus aren't doing this for you, they are doing this to attract wildlife photographers to m43. I don't know if anyone seen any wiildlife photography lectures but most of the professionals use Canon because they got the better selection of lenses for wildlife and they are big lenses. Not only are they big but they also very expensive. Anyway we will have a look at the lenses on offer for the m43 format.

Panasonic 35-100 2.8

Panasonic 150 2.8

Olympus 40-150 2.8

Olympus 300 4

The only thing missing is high grade lens extention. It also doesn't matter if the lenses has inbuilt image stablisation or not because most wildlife photographers will use tri pods when they got the chance to.

Still waiting for 3 of these 4 excellent lenses.  An 1.4xTC would be nice.

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