Poor 810 sales

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Re: Poor 810 sales

Shotcents wrote:

I've been working with the new Nikon software and it's not wonderful. In some respects, with my NX-2 not working with D810 NEf files, I DO feel like Nikon released the camera without proper support.

I shot all week for a client and the D810 sits in the box. The D800 is on the tripod making money.

I know the software will catch up and I'll adjust, but Nikon was stupid to not keep NX2 working until the new software was more refined. Some of my friends bought the D810 and some did not. The ones who didn't cite the loss of NX-2 as part of their reasoning for taking a pass for know.

The D810 is available pretty much everywhere. Amazon will put one on your doorstep in 24 hours.


Nikon probably wrote a very poor contract with Nik.  They also probably ran into a huge legal department at Google that told Nikon - not only no but Hell no - you are not dealing with a small S/W startup now you are dealing with a company that eats companies your size for lunch.

Camera companies are extremely poor S/W companies.  They don't do it well.  There is no good camera company S/W out there, be it Nikon, Canon, Sony - none.  There was no way I expect Nikon had the staff expertise to keep maintaining Capture NX.

Camera companies - every one of them - should get over the illusion they can develop decent image processing S/W and provide the necessary information to DXO, Adobe, Capture One, etc. to implement prior the camera release.  If anything that was Nikon's mistake.   It makes no sense for Nikon, Canon and Sony have their own staffs for S/W since the S/W companies can do it much better and much more efficiently.

I just checked B&H - the D810 is still listed as pre-order (i.e. not in stock) so everyone doesn't have them yet.

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