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Re: Maybe Canon could... but will they?

Jerry-astro wrote:

Caerolle wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

While the Canon cameras that are expected to come out in the next month or so are very likely going to be DSLRs, it's possible that any breakthrough sensor technology found in them might also carry forward to the M series. It's going to take a HUGE jump for Canon to migrate that series from where it is to where Fuji is now with the X-T1 (let alone where it might be with the X-T2, or whatever they call its successor).

Canon could make an enormous jump over the M right now, with the technology they have, if they wanted. That is one seriously crippled camera system.

Yes, if for argument's sake they did in fact introduce some sort of a groundbreaking new sensor, then leveraging that technology in a mirrorless model is certainly possible. However, even if Canon eventually gets there with a camera that could challenge some of the mirrorless leaders (Fuji, Sony, Oly), I think there are some barriers that make it unlikely that this will happen for a while:

1) Right now, they have virtually nothing in this arena. What they do have (M) might be very reasonably priced, but falls WAY short of what the market leaders are doing now. Hard for me to imagine they could go from where they are now to something that would really compete with the likes of the X-T1 in a single introduction cycle. Not that they don't necessarily have the raw technology (sensor, UI, optics, etc.) available, but I think they'll have to edge their way in and learn along the way.

2) They have an interesting positioning issue which Fuji and Oly (or example) don't really have. They have to figure out how to introduce a mirrorless line that complements their DSLR offerings and meets the market need, but that doesn't damage their leading position in DSLRs. This is pretty simple to do at the low end of the mirrorless market, where they play today. Not so simple at the high end where the overlap between a high end Canon (similar in capability, price, and positioning to the X-T1) and their enthusiast line (70D... maybe even 7DMk2) could be pretty dramatic. Figuring out how to enter that market and take no prisoners, yet do so while keeping their hardcore DSLR user base happy is not an easy proposition. Not impossible, but as a former product marketing manager in high tech, I'm pretty sure some hair would get ripped out trying to figure how how to pull that off as a net win-win. I think this could hold them back in making a truly aggressive move to mirrorless.

Bottom line... Canon could totally change the game if they set their mind to it and if they truly have some game changing sensor technology on the way (big IF). While they may get there over time, I don't see it happening quickly. Will be interesting to compare notes in 6 months or a year and see where they end up.

I think you may have misunderstood me. I was saying that Canon could make an enormous jump over *the M*, not over other existing cameras/systems. To vastly improve on their current system, all they would have to do is to build a camera around the sensor from the 70D, with a great EVF. They have the sensor, they could buy the EVF from someone else, like Fuji and Olympus do. They could release a few more lenses, which would increase their lens range several-fold. They already have a mount, and if there is one thing Canon can do, it is design and build lenses. So, they really don't need any 'game-changing' sensor technology, they just need to put the one they already have, that is way better than the one they are using, in a better body.

I do agree that the biggest roadblock to Canon is their conservative mindset, and wanting to squeeze every last bit of use out of old tech.

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