Lens vs Camera: The FF APS-C Dilemma

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Alas, I haven't had the opportunity to try the 32mm Touit. I have, however pitted my Sigma 30mm and a Leica Summicron-R 35mm [on the NEX-7] against an Olympus OM 50/1.8 and Minolta MD 45/2 on the A7. In both instances, I found the A7 had a definite "peeping" advantage for both landscape and shallow focus shooting, even when being deliberately handicapped with cheaper optics.

The NEX-7 underperforms on lens tests. This shows up where DxO gives higher P-MP scores for the A3000 vs. the NEX-7 for many lenses.

Yes, by 1/2 a point. It's insignificant and may be within the statistical error allowance.

E24/1.8 on NEX-7:

overall score: 22 points


- on A3000:

score: 22.5 points


- on A5000:

score: 22.5 points


I'd say that is under-performing given that the NEX 7 has a resolution advantage. Well, maybe under-performing is the wrong concept, as the NEX is an older model.

No, because the NEX-7 body has the highest overall DxO score of all the APS-C cameras, at 81 points. (save the A6000 which is 82 points.)

Maybe because the Z 24 is a wide lens, and the NEX-7 was not optimized for wide lenses. Could look and compare an E-50 to see if that changes the situation at all.

My NEX 7 had slight issues towards the edges with my 24. But my A6000 is seems better.
I've really liked the A6000. Matches up to my Touits just dandy. And that SEL 50 1.8 is a bargain to be had.
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