Poor 810 sales

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Re: Poor 810 sales

jadot wrote:

Thom Hogan suggests that Nikon aren't selling out of D810s because of the workflow support etc.

He might have a point, and his numbers might be right but if he stopped whining on about Nikon's management of this and that for a minute he might be able to see what's right there in front of us all.

A lot of people figured out that they didn't need a D800. A couple of years later, those Nikon users have realised that justifying the expense of regularly 'upgrading' for the sake of it is getting harder to swallow. Technically speaking the D810 is probably up there with best DSLRs on the market today, but it's also easier to decide not to jump into the next iteration of camera when the one you've already got is 99% going to continue to hit the high notes.

Also, a lot of people have moved from DSLRs to mirror-less Systems, specifically Fuji. Why? Because they're much improved and a lot has changed in this market since the D800 was released. It's liberated a lot of photographers I know. People who used to be devoted Nikon or Canon photographers have in some numbers moved on, un phased, un excited, and unimpressed that there is a new DSLR to blow another 3k on.

it may not be the whole story, but there has been a seismic shift in the pro-sumer and pro markets, particularly the weddings and lifestyle end of things, and that shift has been towards smaller, lighter, and very capable CSCs.

Personally, I'd love a D810, but I don't need one any more. It would be an expensive toy, and my cameras really have to earn their keep. It might be worth hiring one for the studio once in a while, but not a regular thing.

2 years ago I would have bought one on release but I'll pass on this today because I have better options for the kind of photography I do in 2014.

I'm not the only one.

This is most likely only really a problem if you're a Nikon shareholder.

Rest of us realise the landscape's moved on since the D3 was released - none of this is exactly earth shattering news. Market forces have granted us many a choice. And laws of diminishing returns comes into effect.

I baulk at the D810 because I know I don't really need that many sodding pixels. So I'm not moving til I work out if I might just pack a D610 to keep me amused.

That aside. One shop (UK chain, and no, not beginning with J) told me the 810 isn't being stocked if the shop's not a pro dealer. Anyone heard this?

If so.. that IS a bad move...

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